Monument Strategies, LLC
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  • Monument StrategiesA premier Washington, DC-based, boutique bipartisan government relations firm.
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  • International TradeOur approach helps U.S. companies strengthen their competitiveness and ensure fair trade through the myriad of U.S. trade laws and agreements.   >> learn more
  • Higher EducationMonument Strategies can help outline, plan, and advocate for the funds necessary to help bring a client's higher education policy objectives to fruition.   >> learn more
  • Financial ServicesWe can point to many cases when our clients' relationships kept them from becoming poster children for one problem or another. In other words, good representation can keep an institution out of the line of fire or help it salvage a bad situation.   >> learn more
  • HealthcareMonument Strategies' expertise is broad and diverse - tackling such issues as durable medical equipment, long term care, graduate medical education, wage index reclassification and Medicare reimbursement issues.   >> learn more
  • TelecommunicationsMonument Strategies has experience in crafting and executing successful strategies that help your company shape policy in a positive manner for the way you do business.   >> learn more
  • AdvocacyOur relationships and experience lead to proven results that motivate and engage stakeholders to get involved with public policy issues.   >> learn more
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We are one of the premier Washington, DC-based, boutique bipartisan firms specializing in government strategies for corporations, not-for-profits, municipalities, health care, and educational institutions. We have an outstanding track record of success for our clients and succeeding in the legislative and administrative arenas.